The Game is A-Foot

“Hey I wondered where you were. This pendulum couldn’t get a bead on you. I thought it was broken, but you must’ve been booking it home. I’m assuming you felt it too?”
“Yeah, that’s what I’m here about. Do you think you could find out where it went?”
“Sure, I don’t see why not.”
She then turned back around to her pendulum and map; she then proceeded to relight the candles. I never actually liked magic, but I never could beat the feeling it gave me when I was around it or doing it. Maybe it was the nervous energy, or the adrenaline pumping, knowing that a dumb mistake could cost you your life or worse, your soul. But either way, it was something I was good at, and you know how mom says to do what you are good at. Anyway, the location spell wasn’t working out so well because the pendulum wouldn’t stop swinging or focus on one spot, but then it hit me, the “fireball” had split into two parts. I mentioned this to River and told her to focus on the red one. That did the trick.”It’s up north, in the park.”

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