Family at Odds

The kids don’t care about jobs and asking for vacation in advance. They want you to drop everything to suit their needs. Normally I would do that. I would risk my job so that I don’t miss a minute of their lives. But this time I refuse to play the game. Let him see how they feel without me there. He thinks it will be better with me at home. We’ll see about that. He wanted to do this trip by himself so I didn’t lift a finger to organize or pack for anybody. Let’s see. They hadn’t been gone five minutes when they had to turn around because they forgot their clothes for the week. So much for pictures from the trip, he didn’t by batteries for the camera.

A family shouldn’t be shrouded in competition. It shouldn’t be about who is the favorite. It should be a team effort. You should always present a united front. It is so sad when you lose sight of the big picture.

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