The Game's Just Started

I lived in this neighboorhood for eight years and I have never ever, ever been picked last for anything. Now I was the only girl that was thirteen in the neighboorhood or atleast close to thirteen so I would hang out with all the boys. I was a good football player, the best soccer goalie, one of the best softball/baseball players and a decent basketball player. I guess you could call me a tomboy. I spit, I ran, I played. There was one boy older than me, two boys my age and five boys younger than me and we were the regulars meaning we came by every day looking for a game to play.
It was a hot but beautiful early July day and we were about to start a game of the in season sport, baseball.. We were picking teams for baseball when a I saw a moving van and a normal van go by and pull in right nextdoor to my house. While all the boys were arguing over teams I watched the new neighboors unload their stuff. And out of the van stepped the cutest boy I have ever seen. Who knew he would be my biggest competition.

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