Five Dollars

“I dare you to go up there and look threw the window!”
“Are you crazy? You do it, I have baseball championships tomorrow, you think I can risk my life with that tomorrow?”
“Oh wah, you’r a big baby. Its gonna rain again tomorrow like it just did today so they will prolly get canceled anyways.”
“Phst you go do it then.”
“Fine I will, for five dollars I will run up to the doorstep, sit on it, count to five, and come back.”
“You don’t have the guts”
“Watch me.”
The little boy ran up to the doorstep and sat down, then counted to five. He ran back to his friend, excited that he had actually accomplished the dare. He saw his friend staring at the house, like he had just seen a ghost.
“Dude, all the windows at the top floor of the house just opened.”
“Yea man, no lie!”
And they both took off running.

Meanwhile inside, Mrs Haric talked to her husband.
“Honey will you yell for the kids to open the windows so we can get some air in here”
“Sure thing dear.”

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