There was one exciting thing about the room though: the peer mediation girl.

A nice girl, kind of a loner like me, she didn’t fit anywhere, but she stood out in a good way. She was beautiful. Long, dark hair framed her tan face perfectly, bringing out her deep, black eyes. She needed no makeup, which was good because she didn’t wear any anyway. And she was smart, too.

She didn’t seem to be a fan of leather pants though, but I noticed she was always wearing a tan suede jacket. And real suede too, made of the skin of a murdered animal, just like my pants. That was close enough for me.

She was there to help us resolve any societal problems we had, assuming we realized them during our hour of detention.

There was no way I could approach her, though, what would I say? “Hey, I’m Mark. I’m here for detention, what’s a pretty girl like you doing here?”

So, there I sat.

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