I meet Ty

I just got done running a mile when I saw the boys getting ready to start a game. “We get Linz!” shouted one of the littlest boys, Timmy. I stopped by my house to get my glove and then ran into ‘the’ yard. ‘The’ yard is where eveything in the neighboorhood happens. All the games are played there and everyone usually chills in ‘the’ yard. ‘The’ yard happens to belong to Mitch ( my age), Sammy (younger) and Timmy. Just as we wera about to start I saw the new boy playing basketball in his driveway. “Hey guys, since teams are already uneven how about we get the new kid if he wants to play” I said stopping the whole game. Mitch the decision maker spoke first. “Okay, fine” is what he said. I put down my glove and walked over. “Hey dude we are playing some baseball you wanna play?” I asked him pointing over to ‘the’ yard. “Yeah! Just let me get my glove” he said very excitedly. We started walking back over to ‘the’ yard when I asked ” Hey you got a name?”. “Ty” he replied.

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