A Man's Eyes

I danced until my high-heeled shoe broke, and then I fell.
I looked up as I tried to stand, to see a set of friendly blue eyes looking down at me.
The lights of the club flashed behind him, but he was still, and his eyes were locked on me.
“Can I help you, lass?” he asked, in a slight Scottish accent, extending his hand down to me.
I took his hand, and he gently pulled me up, and I noticed his hand was a little rough. Not in a bad way, just like he had obviously done some work in his life.
“Thank you, mister.”
“No need to call me that. My name’s James.” he smiled.
A very friendly smile, it was, perhaps it was a little too friendly? But those eyes were too beautiful to hide any malicious intent…
He laughed. What was he laughing at?
“No need to stare, lass, I’ll let you take a picture, if you like.”
“Oh, haha. Sorry about that. Thank you again for helping me up.”
I tried to walk away…

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