Ty, the guys, and pizza.

We played the game. After about an hour and a half we decided we were done, and that we were ready to get something to eat and drink.. I had noticed throughout the game that Ty and I had started up a lil competetition, but even though, he kept glancing at me, and then when i would notice him noticing me, he would quickly look away, hoping he was un-noticed, even though he was not.
“Would you all like to come to my house for some pizza and drinks?” Ty asked, voluntarily.
“Pizza, pizza, pizza! Rock on! count me in!” shouted Timmy.
“yea count me in.” replied Mitch.
“If he’s in, then i’m in.” squealed Sammy.
They all looked at me kind of questioningly. Ty was cute, my age, athletic, new, so why am I so hesitant to eat some pizza with him? I mean, its just pizza why the guys, and they would be so curious as to why I would say no… so I guess pizza it is.
“Um, yea! Definately. Count me in. “

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