Behind these eyes

Its so dark, where the Hell am I? Fuck man! Where is evrybody? Wait, the rebels are here! Fuck! Why isnt anyone shooting? Wait, they did shoot, the rebels came, the grenade sailed over the trench wall..Oh Shit! Run! Wait, my legs, I cant feel my legs?!? SHIT ! I CANT SEE ! Dammit man! Open your goddamn eyes! I cant open my eyes! I cant even goddamn open my eyes!
Wait! Whats that? Explosions! Its not over! Give em Hell for me boys! Shoot that sonuvabitch that got me!
Wait, whats that sound? VOICES ! Im saved! Over here boys! The doc will fix me up real good an il be ready to go! Wait! NO! IM OVER HERE ! DONT LEAVE ME ! YOU COLD MOTHERFUCKERS DONT LEAVE ME LAYIN HERE !

Tony sat on the truck going to the front and watched as they passed a body to their left.” Lookit that, that poor basterd caugh a bullet in his spine! Il bet he had the luxery of quick death.” he said. The other men laughed as the truck continued on, leaving the body lying forsaken in the dust.

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