Do It Often

Sunshine flooded in the room where I sat with my eyes staring off into space. I knew that I had been given a second chance and that nothing that had happened up to that moment would ever have any negative baring on my life ever again. It was like a stranger from another time another place just dropped down inside my body and began living for the very time like a baby’s very first breath. A Brand new day, a brand new beginning, a brand new start. Who doesn’t like a fresh beginning. I love it so much till It makes it hard to relish in the good name that I have because sometimes it feels so good not to be known, to go to a place you have never been before and feel the freshness of all new faces, all new places. Kind of like I heard my friend describe how it feels to come out of a Prayer of repentance before the Lord Jesus at the alter of a pentecostal church. No remorse, no reason to doubt the innocence of sins forgiven. The truth be known, we all get that brand new start in Him. Do it often!

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