Infusion of the Crema

The renewed warmth of the cup felt comforting in my hands. I tried not to think too deeply about the Spirit as I lifted the cup to my mouth. For a moment, I paused. “Heh,” I thought. “Talking espresso.” As the coffee touched my lips, I immediately felt renewed. Drinking further, I could feel new energy radiating throughout my entire being. The liquid was at just the right temperature—full of flavor without burning my throat. I finished the cup with my head tilted back, nearly gulping the brew, and stared at the sky as I lifted the now empty cup away from my mouth. I looked down into the cup, expecting further guidance, but there was nothing left but a few drops of brown liquid.

We are One.

The Spirit was no longer in the crema, it was in me, and its voice sounded clearly inside my head.

“What…” I quickly realized that I no longer needed to speak for the Spirit to hear me. “What now?” I asked.

Now We show you Our Power.

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