Since You Waited For Me

Oh heaven’s can I come out now? Why was that all there was that scared me so, I never knew till now that there was nothing to fear. Now, I can come out and now I can see that there was nothing out here to fear only you and me. Now the bamboo trees I can’t wait to share in our happy lives of our future to share. In peace, joy, and goodness in life; the only things that ever should ever occur here anyway. I know you have waited so patiently and kind. Come quickly and hug me and don’t let me go. I want to be with you down by the sea, I peaked once before and saw you there waiting for me. You never thought that I would ever make it this far. I can’t believe that I was afraid for no reason and I wasted so much precious time. Take me out fishing, take me everywhere you go. Lets make baby you or maybe baby me and spread peace and love for everyone to see. Bear Hugs from China, Bear Hugs from me, I can do all things since you waited for me.

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