The Park

Everytime I come up here, to this park, Im amazed by the view. I am convinced that its the most beautiful place on earth. I found it a few days after I moved in with them. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. It was my place. My place to get away from the constant pressure that I had quickly come to associate with that house. Everything there was so perfect. I hated everything about it. Everything in that house had to be spotless, in its place. Even with a teenager and a two year old living there, they still expected everything to stay in its place. It was the picture perfect home, the picture perfect family. A young, happy couple, with their two beautiful children. All with the same shade of light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. It made me sick to be a part of it. From the outside everything always looked perfect, but nobody else saw how much of a dissapointment I was. This park was my place to get away from all of their expectations. It was mine, completely perfect in all of its inperfections.

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