This One Is Really The Right One For You

There is Hope that springs eternal through Christ Jesus. No matter what the bondage, the addiction, the sin, the desire, the need, the want, or the fix; if anyone could say that it is me.
I know what it is like to have to hide away in the dark so that the cops couldn’t see what I was doing…oh yea, several times a day I did for years.
I know what it is like to have a date with two different men in one 24 hour period and I thought neither of them knew about the other.
Oh how blind I was, not as much blind as I was intoxicated on the substances that has so polluted my being for so many years. If it wasn’t alcohol (which was daily in large amounts) then it was some new fangled idea from my college buddies.
My ex-boyfriend had convinced me to try some of the stuff that lingers in your spinal fluid your entire life. You know, the one they all tried back in the Flower Child Days of the sixty’s and the Beatles Mania, Free Love, Baby boomer’s.

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