This One Is Really For You Continued

Well, once I got close to that…thank God I never got addicted to the hard stuff, and thank God I never got aids or any other disease but I was addicted to the same stuff that President Bush reportedly tried… you know the green stuff that grows in the pastures. Better known as Marijuana or Mary Jane, Hemp, Weed, Pot, Joint … on and on it could be called. But my soul knew it as something else, an enemy of God.
For it was that stuff that I was so hooked on that I could not be free like everyone at church was. I knew there was always something different from them and me and I figured it had to be that since none of them were doing it.Anyway, I wanted deliverance and I faithfully attended church high on that stuff for about five years and in God’s faithfulness, HE delivered me even through my disbelief which was exactly what got in His way to begin with.

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