Raining Inspiration

She lay with her forehead pressed against the frosty glass, every breath recorded by a little fogged circle, that expanded and disappeared in time. Uniquely deep, hazel eyes gazed into the ever darkening sheet of icy rain unseeing. Neglecting the wind whipped leaves, instead seeing the formation of each thought. Her swimmers’ toned legs angled in front of her, the cold not yet stretching down to touch them, she fidgeted, not liking to sit still for long, yet not wanting to move and scare away the sudden inspiration she felt.
Storms seemed to always have this affect on her, awaking her emotions, that during the day lay dormant. The numbness just seeming to fade away . The numbing sensation began a long time ago, I suppose to hide the pain that has become routine for me. It was her escape, the thunder driving away lingering remanants of that day’s disaster, and the lightening illuminating the person no one but she knew existed, within the facade she carefully placed on everyday.

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