A New Day, An Old Part.

A beautiful sunrise, brings no joy forth, although the artist in her admired the blend of colors, the fade of pink, orange, red, yellow, blue and purple into one another, forming a cohesive scene.
She moved from her thoughtful pose that she had sat in for who knows how long, and stretched, gracefully arching her arms over her head, and curving her back forward. Glancing at the time. 6 o’clock already? Mmm..It is Saturday, maybe I should go sleep some.

“KIRA!!” Her brother yelled from the living room. She sighed, Too late.

“Yes, Stefan?” She asked, walking into the kitchen. Opening the fridge she quickly scanned the contents, and finding nothing, began walking toward the bathroom.

“Where did Mum and Daddy go??” He looked around, and continued, “Because, I looked in their room and no one is in there, or in the computer room.”

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