An Actress By Circumstance

“Well, that should tell you they went out, now shouldn’t it? Why do you need to know so bad anyways?”
“I want to see if Nathan could come over.” He looked down at her with his big beautiful eyes; they’re blue with an orange ring around them today. She laughed a little, everyone thought it humorous that he was 5 years younger than her; he was at least 4 inches taller, putting her at 5’4 and him at about 5’8. The colors mirror his favorite team..She rolled her eyes and smiled slightly. She knew it. Nathan constantly came over, and had been her brother’s bestfriend for 3 years. She just wasn’t in the mood for company, but she knew in order to keep at bay all the invasive questions, once again she must play her part.
People would think that acting came as easily as words for her, but if they honestly knew how she really felt they would find such a simple assumption inaccurate, as she had masked it very well, for so long. She no longer allowed anyone to get close, no longer knowing who she could trust.

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