Fritz and Zooey: Late Night Panda Paradox

Brenda returned a few minutes later with her arms full of breakfast in which she served to Fritz and Zooey. Zooey immediately dug into the cup of whipped cream, and Fritz watched her from behind his mountain of french toast.

“I wonder if they use condensed milk in this,” he said lifting a piece up with his fork.

“A mmmph a mphhhh bfffsssh,” Zooey said deep into her pile of breakfast. She swallowed.

“If so,” she started, looking deeply into the face of her severed pancake, “we now have a use for all that panda stuff. Although, it does look kind of cute next to the sink.”

“But maybe if we moved it,” she started again, “we could finally be able to wash all those coffee cups that are carpeting our apartment, I keep finding them in my bed…” Fritz looked shocked.

“And ruin my dirty coffee cup collection, no way. It took me months to get them like that. Plus, I just like using the excuse that we have no clean ones, to buy newer, more uglier ones.”

“Mmmphh wmmmph errrrf mmmph,” Zooey replied.

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