Scrumulus J. Caen (Part two: The Fourth)

Scrum walked up and down the beach. It was morning, and he was once again searching for the shoes his father, Scrumulus J. Caen III had willed to him, but lost on the beach years ago, shortly before his death.

He, and everyone else in his family, was fairly sure they were lost forever, taken to the deepest part of the sea to rest in Davy Jones’ locker. (Or Will Turner’s, as the case may be, he reminded himself.)

His father had willed him those shoes, as his father before him had willed him the shoes. They were the shoes that were the quintessential family heirloom of the Caen family, and without them, Scrumulus J. Caen IV inherited nothing but a name from his father.

Because of the loss of those shoes, his father’s millions sat in banks all over the world, just accruing interest, and accomplishing little else.

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