Fritz and Zooey: People Watching

Fritz and Zooey finished half of their late night breakfast before they both agreed that they felt equally ready for a second helping of caffiene. As Brenda cleared the plates she promised to return with a full pot of freshly brewed coffee. Fritz and Zooey doodled idly on their paper menus, and from time to time, would look up to watch the people that passed in and out.

“Don’t you ever sometimes wonder about the different lives these people live,” Zooey questioned with her eyes gazing over the crowd.

“I sometimes draw inspiration from not knowing,” Fritz started, “I like to use my imagination to build up these people’s lives and personalities, sometimes I use them in my own writing.”

Brenda brought around fresh coffee and filled their bowls. They drank it in silence and continued to watch the other customers.

“You know,” Zooey said, “We intentionally left the house to smoke and buy more coffee for the apartment. We sure get sidetracked easily.”

“Yeah,” Fritz agreed, “but look what we did do.”

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