The Moon

What a stupid idea. I shouldn’t have come. I stared moodily out the back window of the van at the moon, attempting unsuccessfully to ignore the people around me.

Much as I had enjoyed the baseball game, going with my youth group may not have been the best idea. Marie, one of my two best friends, had squeezed into the backseat between me and my would be stalker, Jacob. I thanked my lucky stars for that, but still Jacob had found ways to annoy me almost to the breaking point (not that he thought he was annoying—he called it flirting).

His next words hit me like a brick wall.

“I’ve been meaning to ask this girl out. If I were to ask one of you out, Marie and Kathryn, where would you want to go?” I winced, and made a face at Marie when Jacob’s head was turned. She laughed at me.

“Umm….” I blurted the first thing that came to mind. “The moon.”

Jacob’s eyebrows rose, and he frowned. I could imagine him trying to think how much that would cost.

“Yes.” I nodded decisively. “The moon would be lovely.”

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