They called me crazy

I have a lot of friends. I mean a lot of friends. I cant even begin to name them all or count them. They all like me though, I know they do. I made them up after all. There! Your doing it! That look! You think Im crazy, just like everyone else here. They all call me crazy, but so what? Its no wonder I make up all my friends when people treat me like all_you people_do Now your laughing at me. Yes you are, i can see it, that look in your eyes. You want to laugh at me? Go ahead. FUCK YOU ! Its sonuvabitches like YOU that called me crazy! YOU PUT ME HERE ! Not me, no, never that. YOU people drove me to it. I didnt want to but all of you with your real friends made me! STOP GODDAMN LAUGHING AT ME ! OH my! NOw your scared! Look at that crazy person, hes gonna snap again! THats what your saying to yourself right now I can see it. SCREW YOU ! GO on, get out. Leave tHe GOdDamN CraZY PeRSoN alone. AlL aLoNE aGaiN, just Me AnD aLL mY FrIenDS. YeS, My ReAl FrieNDs. I DoNt NeEd YOu, I HaVe AlL mY FriENds RiGht HeRe

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