College Crush - Part 1

Isabel sat reading, her foot tapping idly, oblivious of the other university students around her. The library had that hushed atmosphere that, far from being oppressive, set Isabel’s mind at peace.

She glanced up to give her eyes a rest and that was when she saw him, moving through the shelves of books. He bent down to examine a title, pushing his black rimmed glasses up his nose. His unruly brown hair stuck out at odd angles and his white shirt was untucked in the back.

Isabel did not know his name, had only glimpsed him in passing, and yet her heart beat faster at the sight of him. She wanted to burst from her seat and exclaim, “Look here! You may not know me, but we have something in common – I’m a nerd like you!”

Blushing, she pushed the embarrassing thought to the back of her mind. But as she did so, the attractive stranger straightened and turned her way, walking right toward her table.

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