Educators Learn The Golden Rule

You call yourself a teacher of children. An educator of elementary, yet you have need to be taught yourself. How can you give a degree of hope, and a future to one who only destroys the future of the students in their own class room. You say it is a program of good deeds, welfare and a governing policing agency for good. Yet you make victims out of the weakest of them all. You reach out your hand to the helpless only to use your other hand to cut their throat. And then you want me or my colleagues to save you from the sword that is now pursuing your very surviving existence. Is it not because you deprived the little children of the simplest nurturing in life such as a home, a natural mother, love and support of family photos and memorabilia that you parade through your homes like an archive of history to the point of genealogy records. You will learn the golden rule of life…”do unto others as you would have them to do unto you” Through it all, the fires, the floods, or whatever comes, you will now learn.

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