Zantacs Fast

“Im sorry it had to end like this. I didnt want to hurt you, but, I… I just dont think its gonna work out.”
“Fine. Whatever.” I reply, silently thinking about all the good times we had.
“I..I just hope that you can forgive me. Im so sorry.” she stumbles over her words, trying to put feelings of remorse where there are none.
“Its fine. Really. Im ok.” I reply, only I dont have to falsely inject feeling into my words. she tore my heart out. That callous bitch dumped me like last weeks gossip. Turning away, I hide the tears billowing out of my eyes and walk away. She makes no move to follow, she just watches me and then pulls out her cellphone to call her new man. Like I said, shes a callous bitch

Later that night, I reach blindly into my medicine cabinet, grasp a bottle and empty the chalky contents into my mouth and swallow. I lay down on the bed and feel consciesnes slipping away a few minutes later. I glance at the bottle and laugh to myself. “Zantacs fast” I say, and then unconsiesness takes me away

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