Fritz and Zooey: On the Way Home

Fritz and Zooey split the check evenly at the counter. They left Mel’s caffienated and eager for what little the night had left to offer them. They caught a bus that headed back towards the pier and they napped on each other’s shoulders for the duration of the ride.

At this hour the bus was filled with wayward people who bent their heads towards their laps and clutched their umbrellas and shopping bags. The bus made frequent stops and picked up more passengers, this time young people on their way home from hours of clubbing. The bus was fairly empty, yet they opted to stand and hold on to the hand rails in attempts to be fashionable.

“Fritz, wake up,” Zooey prodded, “I’m afraid the coffee has failed you. Come on, this is our stop.” Fritz and Zooey descended from the bus and were greeted by the same folk music group they encountered earlier. Zooey peered into the open guitar case in front of the singers, it only had a few coins in the bottom. Zooey frowned and dug into her purse for a peach cigarello…

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