But How Do You Really Feel?

“And why not?” the words, laced with malice, dripped venomously from my lips. It took all of my will power not to scream straight into her face. I was more than angry

I was flat-out pissed

My throbbing jaw definitely wasn’t helping

“Because I know everything about you, and I know people who kill to have that information.” So she hadn’t given me up, at least, not entirely. But she was wrong. She didn’t know everything. Quite a bit, but not everything

“And why am I suddenly so important?” knowing very well i wasn’t ‘suddenly’ of note, but had been for a while.

“You think this is new?” she laughed, “you think after 15 years of being a freak, they just started watching you?” She was delighted to have the one up, but joy wasn’t the only thing swimming behind those eyes

Turning to face the window, control barely within my grasp, I whispered angrily, “So all of a sudden you want to help me? Isn’t it a bit late for that?”

“What’s at the bottom of the stairs?”

Then it hit me- she was scared.

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