Competition Starts NOW!

We were all in ‘the’ yard again. I was a little tired because I couldn’t sleep thinking about Ty which sounds kinda weird but Teddy never told me what Ty said! Arrrg! Teddy upsets me sometimes, weell actually a lot. When my team was up to bat ( yes baseball again) I decieded to ask him.
“Teddy my man!” I said quite loud and started walking over to him.
“Soooo what did Ty say?” I said kinda sounding excited. Big mistake.
“Well I don’t really remember quite what he said” Teddy started.
“Teddy if you don’t tell me right now I will tell everyone who you like. Wouldn’t that be a great kodak moment?” I asked him.
“You wouldn’t?”
“Try me.” I replied with a sneaky grin.
“Fine.” He sighed. “He said your the biggest competition he ever ever had. He said he has to watch your every move and learn your weaknesses and strengths.”
“Ohh” I smiled weakly.
Then Teddy added “And he may have a teeny, itsy, bitsy crush on you.”

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