Lost Love

I propped my chin on my hands, and stared out the sole window of my solitary tower at the world below. I watched my knight in shining armor ride away through the trees on his white charger, my smile sad. My eyes drank in his silhouette as he disappeared from my sight. I fully expected never to see him again.

He hadn’t wanted to go, to leave me to the witch’s mercy, but I had sent him away nonetheless. I had said things, terrible things, that could never be taken back, to make him leave, but they had served their purpose. He was gone, safe, and I didn’t think he would return.

Our last words echoed in my mind.

“I want to take you away from here, Rapunzel…. There’s so much out there that I could show you!” He looked at me, longingly, searchingly.

I only looked away, my response a tiny whisper as I forced the words out. “Maybe I just don’t want to see it with you.” I paused painfully. “I want you to leave, and never come back.”

Now I watched him ride away, my first (and probably last) love, lost.

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