The Date

She didn’t have a lot of friends at school, but she had been so excited when he asked her to the movies. She put make-up on and straightened her hair. She bought a new shirt and wore that with a lacy camisole under it. She brushed her teeth extra hard and flossed mercilessly. She put on little red rose earrings that matched her red-and-black silk shirt.
Then she waited. She waited for 20 minutes before working up the nerve to look at the clock. Technically, he still had 2 minutes before he was late. And maybe he was being fashionably late, she reasoned to herself. After all, he was everything fashionable and cute.
Sufficiently comforted, she reapplied her lip gloss, and put more blush on. Then she returned to the couch, not daring to bring a book in case he thought her nerdy when he came.
She waited for two hours before she realized it. It, the cruel truth she had been hiding from ever since he asked her out.
He wasn’t going to go out with her. He didn’t like her at all, not really.
That was when she cried.

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