Don't Come Back

We sat on the big swing on the porch, swaying back and forth. I relished the feeling of his arm around me, the security and comfort it gave me, savoring one last moment. He would be leaving soon, and I had to be the one to send him away. But I still loved him, and wanted to remember everything.

I broke the peaceful silence reluctantly, fearfully anticipating the pain and anguish that loomed on the horizon. “Matt, do you remember the night we met?”

He looked down at me, a bemused smile dancing across his face. “How could I forget?”

I almost flinched. “And do you remember what I said when you asked me out?”

“Yes, of course. Marissa, what’s this about?” He frowned, and I silently cursed his ability to read me so easily. “What’s wrong?”

I clenched my eyes shut, hoping that this would be easier if I couldn’t see his face. “The time I told you about….It’s here.”

He inhaled sharply. “But why? Why now?”

I looked at his face reluctantly. “You should just go…” I paused, painfully. “And not come back.”

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