Heading Home

When I finally openned my eyes I found I had the energy to stand back up. I took a couple steps forward, and when I turned back to see the spot where it had all ended- all those precious moments where I was in love, dumped in the street- I laughed. For where I had been sitting during today’s painful afternoon, the sidewalk was white against the backdrop of blurred gray and soggy brown leaves. But as I watched, my spot was being shadowed back into the dull shade of grey that surrounded it.
It wasn’t a long walk but it was really starting to rain. Considering I was already sopping wet and now trudging home in the downpour after one of the worst days of my life, I was in a pretty good mood. But let’ not get too excited- I’m not happy. I’m not necessarily mad, though, either. I was just… tired. Of so many things that sleep would not take the weariness out of.

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