Jealous of His Guitar

Oh, its what you do to me
Jess jumped at her phone. It was him.
“Hey Jess, how are you?” There was a smile in his voice. He always seemed to be in a good mood when he talked to her.
“Im fine. Whats up?” She didnt need to ask that question. The answer was obvious.
“Im working on a new song,” Mike played guitar in a band. He was really talented too. “I think you’ll really like this one.”
“You know I love all of your songs”
The conversation continued, but Jess was distracted.
She was thinking about Mike, and the way he held his guitar. Like it was his whole world. She wished he held her that way! She had never met anyone with as much passion for music as Mike had. In fact, she had never met anyone with as much passion for anything as he did. How she wished some of that passion was towards her! To him, music wasnt a hobby, his music was his whole life. She just wished that she could be a part of it! She loved his passion for his music, but,
She had to admit it, that guitar of his made her jealous.

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