too close 7

It’s easy not to be detected in the crowds of kids still making their way to their next classes, but it’s thinning, as kids finally oblige to returning to fourth period. She turns down a hall no one ever goes to. I look back at the thinning crowd, hoping no one will suspect me of following the green girl. She’s kind of creeping me out.
I twist around another bend and see that she is wearing her bag over her shoulder, even though it was at the water fountain a second ago. I should be surprised but I guess I’m not, like I expected it. She slows down her pace and puts a hand upon the door handle. This is where the hall just comes to a complete stop before opening up to the outside world. She’s as still as a statue right now, so it’s completely quiet except for the far-off sound of classrooms and the sound of my own heavy breathing. “What do you want?â€? she asks. As I regain my breath, she turns around and asks, “Its Jon, right?â€?

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