Crossing Lines

Chela took another drag and looked around.
Flowers and some herbs. A few vegatables peeking out from under greenery. All in a neat square plot of white fenced yard.

Other than it wasn’t heavy on the flowers it reminded her of mama’s garden. Back before it all went wrong.

Before the accident that left Renee, her adored older sister in a vegitative state.

That accident changed everything.

As machines pushed a fake life into the husk of her sister. So did Renee suck life out of the family. The garden was left to dry up. Chela was left to dry up. Mama became a withered old woman with only one goal in mind- bring her firstborn back. As if sitting and talking to a cuccumber would do anymore good than talking to her sister.

So Chela drifted, looking for the attention that was suddenly gone. And she found Steward.

She bitterly ground out the cigarette butt under her heel. Another life sucker. She wish she could plant all of them. Renee, mama, Steward. Plant them in the ‘magic dirt’ to grow again.

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