A Brief Glimpse Into the Mind of Stovohobo

Hmmm…ok. Click. Sign in… Click.
username: stovohobo4
password: (series of dots)

Home. Click.

Oh look! Another comment from Nouvelle Bardot…hmm..Oh, that’s nice.

Response: You flatter me….Click.

Ok, now. . .what should I write. . .how about one where this guy meets an evil old lady in a tree house? Oh wait, no I just did that one 32 minutes ago. . .

Well, I could do one about a dinosaur…or…some other…animal. No. Too generic. Gosh, I can’t think of anything! Well how about I look in the inspiration tab? No, none of those do it for me…oh, the search bar. Party. Click.

What does that have to do with a party? Oh well…nothing here…. Well, I would look through other ficlets, but I’m too afraid of finding one that has so many prequels that I get tired of clicking “back”, so no.

Oh wait! What are my contacts up to? Click. Nothing?!?

Jeez, I can’t seem to get a single ficlet out today. . . .

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