the end (part 1)

yelling, screaming, they just won’t stop. i mean seriously. just shut the heck up. if u can’t stand eachother, then why did u get married and have me? i mean, i have better things to do then trying to drown out the sounds of your voices insulting eachother.
“Honey?” ugh wat did he want? i didn’t want to speak with him.
“Natalee, r u in there?” if i ignore him, do you think he will go away? he opened the door anyways and continued speaking to me as if i cared.
“What r u doing in the laundry room sweetie?” well duh.
“this is the quietest place in the house, i can hear u and mom yelling the least in here.”
“oh Natalee im sorry. i think we need to go for a walk.”
“maybe later dad. i don’t feel like it. if u two manage to stop yelling for the next half hour then i might be able to finish my homework.”
“don’t be like that please. me and your mother are going through some rough times. now please, we are going on a walk.”

we were walking along the beach and he just said it.
“we’re getting a divorce.”

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