the end (part 2)

“We’re getting a divorce, but we want you to know that it has nothing to do with you. We both love you endlessly, but our love for one another, has reached its end.”
“yea dad, not gonna lie, i knew it was coming, i mean, you always are just yelling and yelling and screaming and i think its about time you two get a divorce. i can’t deal with it anymore. i never would have thought it would have taken a college professor two months of fighting to realize it was time for a divorce. but im happy that u two have finally realized. ”
he looked at me, astonished, and somewhat hurt. i would have normally felt bad for saying those things in such a hard time for him, but at this point, i didn’t really mind after all the pain they have been putting me through. i mean when i realized that they weren’t gonna get through this, yea i was hurt, (the meaning for all the C’s and D’s… and in some cases F’s) but now i have gotten over it and hopefully they will soon too.
“Well, I am glad…. well good, no surprises then.”

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