the end (part 3)

1 and a half years later

Everything since the divorce has been going great, for all of us. Dad met this new lady named Sharon. Surprisingly enough, we get along, and if he ever decides to pop the question, he has my support 100%! Dad was kind enough to move into a house in the same neighborhood so I didn’t have to change schools….he came to the conclusion that i don’t need any more pain.

Mom has been good too, sh is in the middle of a pretty serious relationship with a man named Mark. As weird as it is, I approve of him too!! She got to keep the house that we all lived in before so all is good there.

I am very happy with my life, surprisingly enough. I love everything about it. Even though, my family has split to two sides of the road, my family is still my family, and we still way down deep, are 1 family. just with some odds and ends. no lie, the old days, before the fighting, was great. but i still think today, this life, now, is better than what i have ever had.

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