Fireworks at work

The day started off on a routine note , got up, brushed my teeth, dropped off kid to school and drove over to office. The boss was on leave today tending to his “once a month” personal work. Office mates were relaxed since the prying eyes behind their shoulder was not going to be there today.
Too much of coffee breaks and smoking sessions were the order of the day and it being a friday , there was no stopping it.

Conversations were open and sometimes vocal. One such conversation erupted between two guys who could not see eye to eye lately. One of them was the hardworking type, but felt that he was being underpaid grossly compared to the other one.
The other one was being paid well, but put very little efforts to deserve his pay and always tried ways to get his work done by the hardworking guy. They had started off a proxy war lately between themselves and today they saw the opportunity in taking their animosity to the next level…..

The other colleagues could sense it coming and watched nervously.

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