I'm A Slow Learner

She groaned as she finished typing the message.

She hated to do such a thing, she hated drama, especially internet drama. But it needed to be said.

No it didn’t,” said her inner voice.

“Yes, it did. They need to know the real problem,” she tried to convince herself.

She knew the problem, you just made yourself look worse,” retorted the inner voice.

“Maybe, but it made me feel better.”

If it really made you feel better, you’re a horrible person, and I’m not your conscience.

“How do I know I’m not just schizophrenic?” she asked herself.

Don’t even bother asking that.

“I hope this doesn’t lead to another Hombre incident…”

That seems to be a common incident with you, remember who else you could name the incident after?

“Yeah, yeah, my one true love, I remember.”

But you’re not learning.

“No…I’m not, am I?”

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