Love is...

“I could make you happy,â€? Hope thought looking at him longingly. For once she thought she could allow herself to be happy. She never allowed herself before. She would fall and push away so no one could see her imperfections. Enough was enough. He made her happy and she didn’t want to let him go. She wanted to fill that void. She wanted him to be her cure without realizing it. Hope wanted so much more from him then he could ever give- than anyone could ever give. If he couldn’t give it, then she wouldn’t want him. However, how much is one willing to give for love? Couldn’t she try and couldn’t he?
She never allowed someone to make her happy, and yet he could change her and will. Hope falls easily, yet he makes her heart stop. Her face light up. Heart pinned to her sleeve. He could be her everything. It was time for her to cut her strings and let herself fall, hoping that he would catch her. Even if he didn’t, she would still make it. After all love is letting someone else take control.

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