The Muddled Mind of [Pens&Feathers]

E-mail inbox.

Still nothin’.

Let’s be honest, I check my e-mail more than is naturally healthy, even though I never get any, aside from an occasional newsletter.


Okay, then… My fingers type out the now-familiar Ficlets address, because even though I may not get much e-mail, Ficlets comments always make me smile.

And then a fabulously pleasant surprise – me, featured Ficlet! Who would have thought anything worth reading would ever come out of this muddled mind?

Haha, I love alliteration.

I consider writing up another Ficlet, but nothing instantly springs to mind. Consider sequeling something I’ve written previously, but no ideas jump out at me. Images? Nah, they just don’t seem to be doing it either.

Even all of these other amazing stories by brilliant authors aren’t sparking anything in me today.


Sign off. Sign out.

It’s raining. Outside is out.

Ah, books. I read more often than I check my e-mail. So I pull out a good ol’ Kurt Vonnegut and settle down with some coffee.

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