A Bad Case of the Mundays

“Now, what, Einstein?”

“I don’t know! Do we have any more ammunition?”

“Sure. I keep a stockpile of it right here behind my desk. Are you kidding me? No!”

I got my bachelors degree so people would stop treating me like I was stupid because I am “uneducated.” Eighty thousand dollars later, it turns out they just thought I was stupid. Period.

Oh, well.

“Well, where did you find the gun? Surely, there’s some ammo laying around somewhere!”

“Great idea! Let’s ask the dead guy. Excuse me, sir. Do you have some extra ammunition for this gun? Or did you use it all trying to shoot me?”

Somewhere, another explosion sounded. We were running out of time and fast. I found myself looking at the office window and wishing I could pull a Peter Petrelli. Sigh. I’ve been watching too many episodes of Heroes.

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