A Brief Glimpse Into The Mind of Partie Like Its 1492

Sign on to Ficlets. No new notes.
Sign on to AIM . Hey, Jordan’s on! I think I’ll IM him. Oh, wait. He’s still mad at me.
Sign on to Myspace. No New comments. No new messages. No new photo comments.
Hhmm…view my profile…
I wait for the song on my profile, Hey There Delilah, to load and listen to it a few times.
Sign off Myspace.
Sign off AIM .
Go back to Ficlets.
Hey, look, Saint Chuck wrote another story.
Well that one was good, I think I’ll send him a note.
Eat some skittles.
Go to iTunes. Buy Hold On by the Jonas Brothers.
Sing loudly at the computer screen while I wait for the lyrics to bring a stroke of inspiration to me. I got nothin’.
An IM pops up on the screen. It’s from Jordan. It’s quite lovely, really. It says “you bitch
I love Jordan.
Sign into my e-mail accounts, all three of them. Coach sent me an e-mail. Another dance practice shceduled for tonight. I
Continue singing loudly while I sign out of Ficlets and my e-mails. Just another day.

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