Wishes do come true

“What if one of my cousins pushes me down the stairs?”
“So I can pay them to do it?”
“Suicide by proxy,” Carolyn sighed, wanting nothing more than for the conversation to end
“But I’m helping them- it’s one less cousin to deal with”
“Still no”
“Then what will I do? I’ll never be far away enough!” cried Shanna. Her first relationship was only four weeks from it’s start, and she was already breaking down. After the ‘where are we going’ talk she had with Don, she wanted little more then to be as far away from him as possible. The farthest she could think of was outside the realm of the living.
“I hate boys, and relationships, and the functions of the heart and mind,” she continued, already three hours into her anti-love speal
“And I hate this conversation!” and with that, Carolyn pushed her into the wall. Falling backward, Shanna started to scream, but was cut off at the same time as her oxygen. The wall was not a wall, but the door to the outside of the space station

Guess her wish came true

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