It was standing there on the side of the road that I realized what had to be done. I took one last look over my shoulder at the road behind me, realizing full well what it would mean to turn back.

For the longest time, I had struggled with what taking this job meant in the Grand Scheme of my life and Things in general. It wasn’t an easy job, but then, we don’t often do things because they are easy. I think Kennedy that said that.

It’d been a long night, and the sun was burning off what little fog remained hanging low over the mountains. It was the dawn of a new day.

And with that came a certain degree of promise.

The job might not have gone exactly to plan, but it was time to collect. Shaking off whatever guilt or doubt I might’ve had, I hopped back into the car, turned the key, and drove on.

My employer was not going to be pleased.

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