Righteousness Taken A Bit Too Far

Cicadas will rarely cross a veranda unless invited, which is pretty nutty when you think about it. I mean, how does a life form that spends most of its life underground get away with being such a stickler for ceremony? Not that I’m completely culturally insensitive. For I am bound to my own set of cultural imperatives.

For instance, it is impossible for one of my ilk to pass by certain breeds of pigeon without observing specific rituals of purification.

That these rituals occasionally require public urination has landed more than a few of our order on the wrong side of the law, let me tell you. But we remain steadfast in our commitment to carrying out our duties in complete holiness and righteousness. Whether our Washington lobby can get our cause before the powers that be remains to be seen.

But I’m still crazy (or is it devout?) enough to expect a miracle.

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