Lanceus, the Prophet of Kencii (Part two: The Trance)

To all observers, not that there were any, he appeared dead. But, that was how it was supposed to be.
Lanceus drifted loftily above the rolling hills of Kencii.

A woman, a more substantial form of the steam woman that molested him earlier, drifted amongst the clouds beside him.

“So, what are you looking for today, Lancey-boy?”
“The fate of King Jakeus.” Lanceus responded.
“Ooo, you’re not going to like it, prophet-man,” she cautioned, “why don’t you just stay and be with me a while?”
“Just take me there, Shenae.”
“Yes, sir, prophet, sir!” the woman faked a salute and Lanceus blacked out.

He awoke in a body, hardly five years older than his own, but he knew it wasn’t his. The body was scarred, had more muscles, and was all-around bigger in some areas.

And, what was this? A woman was laying on him. She certainly wasn’t his either…

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